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Ticket Management

When creating a ticket, it’s necessary to choose the type of ticket. More details on the ticket types are on the link here

Please make sure to submit the request from the account email or clarify the business domain. 

On Solid Help Center page there is a possibility to check ticket status.

Once a ticket is created, it's possible to see the status of it or perform different actions with it.

1 - status of the ticket 

Available statuses:

  • being processed - new or open status, the Support Team has already received a ticket and working on it.

  • awaiting for a reply - pending or hold status, Support Team has sent you a respond (pending); Support Team is waiting for the details/information from other departments (hold).

Note: when the Support Team requires assistance from other departments, tickets may process a little bit longer.

Here you can see the name of an agent who handles your request and the actual ticket status.

2 - three buttons where it’s possible:

  • to send a new message to the ticket - if you have some additional details, you can send a follow-up message and not create a new ticket

  • set status ‘resolved’ or ‘closed’ - if the problem is not relevant, you can send a message and close the ticket from your side.

  • add ‘CC’ to this ticket - if it's necessary to add another person to view the ticket.

3 - possibility to change the type of the ticket. Also, the Support Team can change it. 

Once the ticket gets a status ‘resolved’ - you have 2 days to send a follow-up to this request. Otherwise, the ticket will be closed and it’s not possible to re-open it. In this case, it’s necessary to create a new request. Also, as soon as the ticket is ‘closed’, you will receive a special form to rate the support provided by the Team. 


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