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Integration updates

Management of webhook/callback notifications

At the moment, you send us callback_url in the request to what we sent notifications for each order. Now you have the option not to pass the URL in the request but add it via Customization occurs through the details of the channel (API credentials). 

If needed, we can help you to set it in the hub right now, and we can check together that everything works correctly.

Knowledge Base Link:

Switching to a 2-stage flow for debiting funds from a user's card

On the first payments, you use a 1-stage operation - Charge (performed on our side as Auth + Settle). We kindly ask you to use type = auth with settle_interval = 0 instead. 

In this case, you will first receive the auth_ok status from us, and after a minute settle_ok

or auth_failed if Auth fails.

(Previously, you immediately received approved / declined)

Knowledge Base Link:

Asynchronous operation of Refund, VOID and Settle transactions

At the moment, in the flow of Refund, VOID and Settle orders, we immediately answer you with refunded/void_ok/settle_ok

we would like you to add the ability to get the intermediate processing status, since this is how MPS works.

Knowledge Base Link:

Status URL depreciation 

This is the easiest part of the update. At the moment, you are sending us a status_url in your request and expecting a user redirect to it after a successful return from 3DS on token payments, ApplePay/GooglePay. Now you should only pass fail_url and success_url.

Knowledge Base Link:

If you have any questions - write your thoughts and comments to the post. We will be happy to help! 

Hi Andrii,

Asynchronous operation of Refund, VOID and Settle transactions

-  just to clarify, we will receive processing status first, and after final status - refunded, settle_ok, or void_ok? 

Hi Derek, 

It is good to hear from you. 

Thank you for this question

- yes, you will get processing status in response to void/settle/refund action to acknowledge we started processing the requested transaction. When we receive a final status from the bank, we will notify you with settle_ok, void_ok, and refunded. - here you can find samples.

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