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Integration updates

Management of webhook/callback notifications 

Soft deadline: 15 June 2023

Hard deadline: 1 July 2023

At the moment, you send us callback_url in the request to what we sent notifications for each order. Now you have the option not to pass the URL in the request but add it via Customization occurs through the details of the channel (API credentials). 

If needed, we can help you to set it in the hub right now, and we can check together that everything works correctly.

Knowledge Base Link

Switching to a 2-stage flow for debiting funds from a user's card

Soft deadline: 15 June 2023

Hard deadline: 1 July 2023

Transition to the two-step payment flow has several benefits:

The use of two-stage flow will give an opportunity to expand the possible portfolio of acquirer banks,

It will also eliminate cases of order status desynchronization, because it will allow actual updating of transaction statuses even in case of a delayed response from the acquirer.

Such change will also enhance user experience as in case the technical error on the acquirer's side happened while the order was tried to be settled, SolidGate has implemented auto-settle retry logics, to eliminate the possibility that the settle transaction was not performed.

Also, separating authentication and transaction settlement aligns with security compliance requirements, such as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Compliance with these standards is crucial for protecting sensitive user data, reducing the risk of breaches, and avoiding financial penalties.

The technical part of the transaction is easily implemented.

Firstly, it is needed to pass parameters as type = auth and settle_interval = 0 in the request for the initialization of the order.

It is also necessary to start processing final statuses of auth_ok / settle_ok or auth_failed. We recommend to provide the product to the customer after the successful authorisation is completed. 

Also, kindly find detailed articles regarding benefits of such flow and technical transition

Asynchronous operation of Refund, VOID and Settle transactions - 1 July 2023

Right now it is possible to receive the refund/void/settle status immediately after the request for the transaction. Although the MPS are working in the asynchronous mode, so SolidGate is also adjusting to the asynchronous flow to increase the efficiency of the exact status transfer.

To transaction to such flow of the previously mentioned operations, it is needed to be able to handle processing status in the response to the request. The final status of the transaction (efunded / void_ok / settle_ok) will be received via webhook notification or check order status request.

Knowledge Base Link

Status URL depreciation

Soft deadline: 15 June 2023

Hard deadline: 1 July 2023

Previously it was possible to pass status_url in your requests for the customer redirect in case of successful return from 3DS on token payments, ApplePay/GooglePay.

Right now, it is possible to pass two separate parameters for the customer redirect:

Knowledge Base Link 

Old payment form  [initPayment] deprecation 

Soft deadline: 15 June 2023

Hard deadline: 1 July 2023

Solidgate has launched a new and improved Payment Form during the summer of 2021, and it has already demonstrated remarkable advantages over the previous version.

One of the significant enhancements is the improved speed of the new form, which operates several times faster than its predecessor. This means a smoother and more efficient payment experience for our valued customers.

We have also introduced dynamic fields in the new form, allowing us to request zip codes and additional information only when it is truly necessary. This intelligent feature contributes to a higher conversion rate to payment and ensures a greater likelihood of successful payments.

To provide added convenience, we have integrated the GooglePay button into the new form. Implementing this functionality requires just 10 lines of code, making it quick and straightforward for you to offer your customers this popular payment option.

Furthermore, our new payment form is highly customizable. You can easily tailor its appearance to seamlessly integrate with your product, providing a native and cohesive user experience.

We kindly request that you refrain from initiating requests with calls for the old payment form. To update your integration, please discontinue using the "initPayment" method from the SDK, as it pertains to the previous form version.

If you have any questions - write your thoughts and comments to the post. We will be happy to help! 

Hi Andrii,

Asynchronous operation of Refund, VOID and Settle transactions

-  just to clarify, we will receive processing status first, and after final status - refunded, settle_ok, or void_ok? 

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Hi Derek, 

It is good to hear from you. 

Thank you for this question

- yes, you will get processing status in response to void/settle/refund action to acknowledge we started processing the requested transaction. When we receive a final status from the bank, we will notify you with settle_ok, void_ok, and refunded. - here you can find samples.

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