Currently, up to one-fifth of all consumer disputes are opened for digital goods purchases. Why does this happen? Confusion after seeing unfamiliar charges often results in the end-user filing a dispute. There is a solution to enhance the transparency of the transactions. It's available for both VISA (Order Insight) and MasterCard (Consumer Clarity) payments.

How does it work? Let’s imagine a simple flow:

  • The cardholder sees their recent transactions and doesn’t recognize one or more of them;
  • We pass additional transaction data and immediately return a detailed response to the issuer's call centre or the consumer's mobile device;
  • The transaction is recognized by the consumer, which prevents dispute claims;
  • If the end-user still chooses to proceed with the dispute, RDR(1) or Issuer's Network Alerts(2) can be activated as the next layer of Chargeback Prevention Tools, eliminating the dispute at the pre-dispute stage(1) or authorizing a refund(2).

What does it mean for merchants:

  • Chargeback rate reduction
  • Lower customer care department workload
  • Reduced fraud and chargeback costs
  • Improved end-user experience