Pago Fácil is an extra-bank collection network with which customers can make money transfers, withdraw cash from their debit cards, and pay their bills online. It is also one of the most popular cash-based payment methods that allow its users to pay with cash via vouchers in 6500 own stores throughout Argentina.

With this method, merchants are insured from chargeback risks, also there is no possibility of creating refund transactions. The only way to return the money is via bank transfers.

How does it work?

If the consumer chooses to pay online via Pago Fácil, they will receive an invoice with the barcode. After that, the customer can go to the nearest company’s agent and pay for the order with cash. Finally, the merchant receives the confirmation of the successful payment.

Kindly note that Pago Fácil’s voucher expiration is 30 days. After the expiration period payment attempts will be rejected at the company’s kiosk.

If you would like to add this payment method, kindly contact your Account Manager.