Boleto (Boleto Bancário) is an official cash payment method regulated by the Central Bank of Brazil. If the customer decides to pay by using this method, the voucher for the payment is created and downloaded. There are various ways, how to pay by using the created voucher: It can be paid in ATM machines, banks, convenience stores, or supermarkets - this makes it possible to shop online for 35% of Brazilians who don't have a bank account. 

With this payment method, there is no chargeback risk or credit limits. Also, it is impossible to issue a refund with it. 

How does it work?

When a customer decides to pay with Boleto, the voucher and payment codes are automatically generated. After that, the Boleto voucher is received by the user. Then the client has the ability to decide how they would like to pay with it, as there are different variants (from banks to supermarkets). As the buyer paid the merchant is notified within minutes. 

Kindly note that there is an expiration period on the Boleto voucher. If the customer pays late, there can be an additional fee or the won’t be processed at all. Also, to avoid the expiration of the voucher, customers can schedule a payment while using this payment method.

If you would like to add this payment method, kindly contact your Account Manager.