Via Baloto is an offline cash payment voucher option in Colombia. Via Baloto is a voucher payment widely used in Colombia to pay for online purchases in cash at convenient locations across the country – no need for a bank account. This payment method is safer than other methods like credit cards, thus merchants do not have a chargeback risk.

How does it work?

  1. A customer chooses Via Baloto as their payment method at checkout. It will be necessary to provide a cell number and an email address.
  2. The customer receives a voucher with a reference number for their transaction via email or mobile.
  3. They can take the voucher to any Via Baloto store. There are currently over 10,000 stores across Colombia which will process the transaction.
  4. They hand over the voucher and pay the cashier using whichever payment method they prefer, including cash.
  5. Once the voucher has been paid for, the transaction is confirmed and the customer receives their receipt for the purchase.

Another option is paying online. The customer needs to access Via Baloto's website and choose which company they want to pay. The user inserts all payment details and confirms the transaction. Finally, they can choose debit cards from any financial entity as a payment method, or, credit cards from MasterCard and Visa. A receipt is sent via email after the payment is confirmed.

If you would like to add this payment method, kindly contact your Account Manager.