Alfamart is a convenience store chain where customers can purchase online goods with cash. This payment method is popular because cash is still predominantly used in Indonesia. Alfamart has over 10,000 stores across Indonesia, meaning there is always a location nearby for consumers to pay by cash.

Convenience store cash payment is one of the fastest-growing payment channels in Indonesia. Buyers shop online and pay cash over the counter at tens of thousands of convenience stores. With no prior registration or login required, no bank account, credit card or electronic wallet required, the merchant can guarantee that any customer makes an online payment - similar to a bank transfer. Retail store counter cash payment is also non-refundable. If your site targets the Indonesian market, there is no doubt that you could add this payment method.

Supported Industries

Online Gaming, Retail, IT services and Software, Professional Services, Travel & Hospitality, Transportation & Airlines, Social networks & Entertainment, Housing and utility services


If you would like to add this payment method, kindly contact your Account Manager.