GrabPay is a mobile e-wallet used for cashless purchases. The customers maintain a balance in their wallets that they pay out with. GrabPay is a popular payment method in Singapore and SE Asia. More than 100 million users use this application.

GrabPay payments have a low risk of fraud or unrecognized payments because the customer must authenticate the payment with Grab. Therefore, no dispute process can result in a chargeback.

How does it work?

When customers want to make a payment online, they get redirected from the merchant’s website to the GrabPay log-in page. It’s necessary to authenticate the transaction with a password sent to the mobile phone by GrabPay.

  1. Tap the payment tab.
  2. Select pay.
  3. Scan QR code, or present QR code to cashier.
  4. Enter and confirm the amount.
  5. Slide to pay.

If you would like to add this payment method, kindly contact your Account Manager.