If you would like to bypass Solid Velocity Rules or blacklist a user, you need to add them to a Positive or Negative list. 

To add a user to a Positive or Negative list kindly follow the next steps: 

    1. Follow the link https://hub.solidgate.com/anti-fraud/list-rules/list;

    2. Press "+" button;



3. Chose List type:  

                                        - Positive

                                        - Negative

4. Set a time period 

        (If blank - until manually deleted from the list)

5. Chose Field type: 

                                        - Cardholder
                                        - Card ID

                                        - User ID 

                                        - Email

                                        - IP Address

6. Press "SUBMIT"

To delete an entry from a list, kindly press the bin button:

You can also add a user to a Negative or Positive list just from the Order Details section.