Create a subscription

Kindly note, you will not be able to edit product properties after the 1st subscription payment. However, you can create multiple products and switch customers between them. 

Create a Product

    To start working with Solid Subscription Services, you need to create a Product in our admin panel->subscription tab with the following parameters:

  • Price (cents); 
  • Currency; 
  • Billing Period; 
  • Amount of Billing Period; 
  • Action after the last billing.

Add a currency to the created Product

In the created Product, there is also a possibility to make it multi-currency. This aspect will make it possible to add additional currencies for defined locations. 

To add this feature to the required Product you will need to open its details by clicking on it.  
On the Product Details page, there is the "Add currency" button. By clicking on it options menu will be opened.

While adding the currency there is an opportunity to choose:
  • Currency (there are presented all options, which are connected to your account).

  • Location (there is a possibility to choose more than one option. For instance while choosing currency "euro", you are able to choose all Euro area member countries).

After adding the newly created option it will be displayed in the list "PRODUCT CURRENCIES AND LOCATIONS"In this list, there is also a possibility to edit the already added currency options or delete them.

To use Multicurrency, you need to set the currencies and amounts for the needed countries.
From the tech side, you need to add the product_id, currency, and geo_country fields to the paymentIntent.
Both the currency and the geo_country need to be added due to the fact that there can be few settings for the one Location
In case you send the parameters which are not specified in the product settings, will be used the default price.

Create a Trial

Now, when we have the product ready, you can set up product Trial parameters: 

  • Price;    
  • Currency; 
  • Billing Period; 
  • Payment Action (charge, auth + void, charge + refund). 

Charge: we will charge a customer with a subsctripion trial cost. 
Auth + Void: we will authorise and then void (same day) the transaction, so that we will get the needed card token from the action yet keep the trial subsctiption cost-free.
Charge + Refund: we will charge a customer with a subscription trial cost and refund it after (up to few days).


Retry payment logic


You can choose a default payments retry logic to increase the success rate of recurrent payments. Retry will act when we receive a decline for recurrent payment. The goal here is to find a point in time when a customer has enough funds to perform a successful payment. Therefore it is a good practice to set up a few Retry iterations for one product. 

If you want to try your custom retry strategy, contact us by clicking on a headset sign in the top right corner or via email:

Search & Filter

- You can search by Product ID;

- You can filter by Currency, Status, and Trial.


You can choose up to 9 columns for your search results:

- Product ID

- Active Status

- Created At

- Product Name

- Billing Period

- Expired Subscription

- Price

- Trial

- Term Length

Export search Result

Feel free to export your search results in the following formats:

- xls

- xlsx

- csv