A number of reports is realized in Solid’s HUB. This makes it possible to analyze the data from the first day of cooperating with Solid. The report “Gross & Conversion” consists of 2 charts and 1 table.


Available filters

    There is a possibility to concretize the report by using filters

the available filters are:

  • Created at: there is a possibility to choose needed period using a calendar, or apply prepared time periods as today, yesterday, last 7 days, last 30 days, this or last month.

Description automatically generated
  • Channel

  • Currency

  • IP Country

  • Payment method

  • Payment type (first or recurring)

Gross Amount

    The first chart is a bar graph that represents the gross amount and orders in USD (or selected currency if the appropriate filter was used).

    The horizontal ace is representing dates (day, week, month), and the vertical ace - total order number (units). Also, by hovering over the bar you can see the exact amount of gross and orders on the time period, represented by the bar.

Successful orders

    The second graph is “Successful Orders”, which represents the conversion for the defined time period.

    The horizontal ace is representing dates (day, week, month), and the vertical ace - conversion rate (%).  On this chart, you are also able to hover over the dots to find the exact number of created orders and their approval rate on the defined time period.

Decline Structure

    In this report, you can also find the table “Decline structure”.

    It is representing the number of declined orders and their percent in the general number of declines on the defined time period, depending on the cancel code. Cancel codes and their descriptions are vertically displayed, dates are located horizontally. At the intersection of a column and a row, the number of declines and their share in the general number of declined orders are displayed. You can also scroll right and down to see the whole table.