To add a user to your HUB account you should have a “merchant-admin” role. This role allows to block/unblock existing users, as well as to invite new ones.

Add a new user

To add another user to your HUB account, kindly follow the next steps: 

  1. Please go to 

  1. Press "+" button.

  1. Fill in the email and user name. Kindly choose the appropriate account/project if you have a few, and the role for it.

Kindly note that you can add several users at a time by pressing the “Add user” button.

4. Press "SUBMIT"

Hub access table

In the table below you can find all the roles and corresponding access.

Role/AccessFinance managerSupport tier 1Support tier 2
ManagerTeam LeadAnalyst DeveloperMerchant Admin

Order Search/Details/Export


Order actions: Settle/Void/Refund


User management Config/Add/Remove Account


Antifraud List/Risk Rule


Antifraud Add From Order


Order ARN/Paylog


Developer Section


User management all actions




Finance Reports


Chargeback Search/Export


Subscription Add/Edit Product


Subscription Details/Search/Export


Subscription  Cancel/Restore


Subscription Invoices Search/Export/Details


Subscription Products Search/Export/Paylog



API keys------++

Kindly note that you are able to choose more than one role to the user.

Block/Unblock user/Resend an invite

If you require to block or unblock users or resend an invite to an existing user, kindly choose them from the list of the users in your account and apply the necessary actions.

Also, you can resend an invite if a user did not reсeive it for whatever reason.

Edit an existing user

In case you need to edit the name of the user or the role assigned, kindly choose the user from the list

and perform the actions you require.