The dashboard displays the total amount of sales, refunds, and disputes.

Upon logging into, the dashboard will display the total amount of sales, refunds, and disputes for the last 7 days.

It's important to note that figures on the Dashboard are based on transactions created during the selected time period. In contrast, the Orders section in the Payments section of the sidebar displays information based on the number of orders created during the same time period.

Helpful tools

To further assist users, the dashboard includes helpful tools such as a calendar in the upper right corner that allows for selecting specific time frames, a question mark icon to access documentation or the status page, a headset icon for instant support, and a Logout button.

Payments panel

The Payments panel on the dashboard displays the total amount of sales, with card sales amount appearing on the left and alternative payment method sales amount on the right. 

Refunds panel

The Refunds panel displays the amount and number of refunds for the selected period, located next to the Payments panel. 

Disputes panel

The Disputes panel shows the number of card and alternative payment method disputes for the chosen time period.

Variety of payment methods 

Furthermore, the dashboard includes a panel that displays the variety of payment methods used, the sales amount made with each method, and the number of transactions associated with each method.