The dashboard displays the total amount of sales, refunds and disputes.

Right after you logged in to the dashboard will display current information for the last 7 days. 

Helpful tools

You can also follow up on the situation in general by choosing specific time frames in the calendar in the upper right corner.

Next to the calendar are located helpful tabs: 

  1.  Question mark will navigate you to the documentation or to the status page.  
  2.  Headset button will help you to contact support team quickly. 
  3.  Exit button. 

Payments panel

The payment panel displays total amount of sales for the selected time period.

On the left side of the panel is displayed Card Sales Amount.  And on the right side - the sales amount made with alternative payments method. 

Refunds panel

Right next to payments panel appears Refunds panel that displays the amount of refunds and their number for the selected time period. 

Disputes panel

Disputes panel shows number of card and APM disputes for the chosen period of time.

Differential of payments methods 

Below on the dashboard there is a panel that displays Payment Methods, Sales amount that was made with a specific payment method and their number.