In Solid's HUB, the possibility to view all logged API requests and responses is realized in the "Developers" section. To find them kindly click on the "Logs" tab.

Available filters

There is a possibility to concretize the search by using filters.

the available filters are:

  • Created at: there is a possibility to choose needed period using a calendar, or apply prepared time periods as today, yesterday, last 7 days, last 30 days, this or last month.
  • Status (you are able to choose more than one HTTP Status Code to filter the request)
  • Method (POST or GET)
  • Endpoint
  • IP Address 

List of requests

On the left side of the page, all API requests and responses are presented. Above the list, the selected time period is stated (whether the date filter is outlined, today's requests are presented).

 Their main information is also on the list. In the row are presented:

  • status
  • method
  • path
  •  head command
  •  time, when it occurred

Under the list are located a page scroller and the possibility to choose the amount of shown requests on the page.


The right section of the page consists of two parts:

From the top is located detailed information about the API request. It consists from:

  • Status
  • Request ID
  • Time
  • IP address (requester's and API's)
  • Endpoint

Body of the request and response body

The bottom part consists of the request and response body. 

Additional links

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