In your account in Solid Hub you can create and download the following reports:

  • Payments > Orders
  • Payments > Disputes
  • Payments > Disputes for APM
  • Subscription > List
  • Subscription > Products
  • Subscription > Invoices

Please, follow the steps below to generate and locate the report you need:

1. Login to your account in Solid Hub.

2. Navigate to the corresponding section - Payments or Subscriptions - and choose the report you need - Orders,            Disputes, Disputes for APM, List, Products or Invoices - and choose the report you need to generate.

3. In the filters choose the needed parameters for the report and click Search.

4. Click Export in the right corner 

name the report and choose the file extension.

5. Once the report is created it will be automatically uploaded to HUB Exports section. Here you need to locate the file you need and click the download icon.

Kindly note, that the reports are stored for 24 hours.