There is a possibility to choose favorite filters for each tab in Solid's HUB.

How to choose favorite filters:

Kindly decide on which tab you would like to choose the filters.
Please, be advised that you are able to choose filters on the sections:
  • Payments: 
             Disputes for APM,
             Fraud Notifications.
  • Subscriptions: 
  • Reports: 

Step 2: Choose the most appropriate filters for your needs

When the section and the tab are chosen, you are able to choose the needed filters. If you hover a cursor over the filter, the star sign is popping up. To add the chosen filter to your favorites  - just hover over a star sign (the inscription "Add" will pop up) and tab on it. 

The star becomes black and the filter can be seen and used even without all show/hide filter panel. (Please find the example in the video attached below)

You are able to choose from one to all of the available filters as favorites


Step 3: Comfortably use the chosen filters

With this feature, every Hub user is able to customize filters by their needs. Kindly note that the information about previously chosen favorites filters is stored in the settings of each user. This makes it possible to use personalized Hub in different browsers and devices just by logging in to the personal account.

In case of the filter needs to be deleted from the favorites, just click on the black star at the right corner of the filter. After that, the filter will be only seen as the regular one.