A number of reports is realized in Solid’s HUB. This makes it possible to analyze the data from the first day of cooperating with Solid. The report "Subscription" reconciliation allows downloading the table with detailed subscription descriptions for the defined time period.

Subscription reconciliation 

On the Subscription page, under the Reconciliation section, you can create the report by tapping on the plus bottom in the upper right corner.

After that, you will be able to concretize the report by using filters:



Kindly ask you to note, that both fields need to be chosen as they are required to create the report.

The Date filter can be concretized by choosing the needed period using the calendar or applying prepared time periods such as today, yesterday, last 7 days, last 30 days, this or last month.

Please note, that the maximum date range for this report is 36 days. 

The created report will be located on the list of Subsciprion reconciliation:

It is possible to download the report in CSV format by clicking on the File tab. The following parameters are available in this CVS report:

id - the ID of the subscription in the Solidgate system;

status - the status of the subscription, for example, active, canceled, redemption;

started_at - date of the start of the subscription;

expired_at - date of the expiration of the subscription;

next_charge_a - the date when the next payment will be done;

trial - trial parameters of the subscription;

payment_type - payment type;

product.id - the ID of the product in the Solidgate system;

product.name - the name of the product;

product.amount - the amount of currency paid for the product. Expressed in minor currency units (as an integer). For instance, 1020 means 10 USD and 20 cents;

product.currency - the currency of the subscription (3 letter code under ISO 4217);

product.trial - trial parameters of the product;

product.payment_action - payment type that was used to pay for the product;

product.trial_period - the trial period (in minutes) of the product;

customer.customer_account_id - ID of the customer;

customer.customer_email - customer email;

invoice.id - the most recent subscription invoice ID in the Solidgate system;

invoice.amount - the amount of currency in the invoice. Expressed in minor currency units (as an integer). For instance, 1020 means 10 USD and 20 cents;

invoice.status - status of the invoice, for example, success, retry, fail;

invoice.created_at - date of the creation of the invoice;

invoice.updated_at - date of the invoice update;

invoice.billing_period_started_at - start date of the billing period;

invoice.billing_period_ended_at - billing period end date

invoice.subscription_term_number - subscription term number;

invoice.order.id - ID of the order generated by the merchant;

invoice.order.status - current status of the order, for example, settle_ok, approved, refunded;

invoice.order.amount - the amount of currency in the order. Expressed in minor currency units (as an integer). For instance, 1020 means 10 USD and 20 cents;

invoice.order.created_at - date of creation of the order;

invoice.order.processed_at - order processing date;

invoice.order.operation - type of operation.