Here you can find the step by step instructions for the Solid + WHMCS module integration.

  1. Files from the .zip(file that you have received) that mentioned below need to be loaded to the /modules/gateways/ folder of your WHMCS system:
    • /modules/gateways/solidgate

    • /modules/gateways/solidgate.php

    • /modules/gateways/solidgategw

    • /modules/gateways/solidgategw.php

  2. All files from the folder /modules/gateways/callback/ load to the folder /modules/gateways/callback/ of your WHMCS system.

  3. Open the Apps & Integration menu at the admin panel of your WHMCS system:

  4. Chose the menu Browse → Payments:

  5. At the menu of the applications chose "SolidGate"(only for the payments through the Payment Form) or/and "SolidGate (Merchant)"(allows using the payments for the saved cards) and click on it:

  6. At the window that opened, click on the button "Manage":

  7. At the configuration page, input the Public key/Secret key. Click if need to be forced on 3D, and click on the button "Save Changes":

After all mentioned above steps have been completed, you are ready to receive payments with a Solidgate.

In case of any questions regarding the Integration Process, feel free to contact Solid Team with a chat.