Here are the main updates:

  • Increased security by setting up the endpoints in HUB instead of sending them via API
  • Receive similar notifications to multiple endpoints (for different databases and/or teams)
  • No need in adjusting the integration due to the endpoints update
  • A way to change the endpoint for previous orders

Previously, you had to send the following endpoints via API:

Now you can control all the endpoints for the Webhook notifications directly in our HUB

The list of the events that can be sent to separate endpoints*:

  • Updated Card Order - the status of a card order has been updated
  • Received Card Dispute - a new Dispute for the card order has been received
  • Received Card Fraud Alert - a TC40/SAFE alert has been received
  • Received Card Prevention Alert - an Issuer Network Alert has been received
  • Updated Subscription** - a subscription or a related order status has been updated
  • Updated Alternative Order - the status of an alternative order has been updated
  • Updated Alternative Dispute - a new Dispute for the alternative order has been received

* Please, note that only static URL can be used as an endpoint

** The notification with the details on the last Invoice is being sent

To set everything up, just click on this link, select a channel and follow the instructions below:

  • Click Add new in the webhooks section
  • Paste/type in the endpoint
  • Check the notification type(s)
  • Click Create

Also, please, feel free to contact us if any additional info is needed!