In the Event log section in is displayed logged user actions. The Event Log is available only to Users with the merchant admin role.

Available columns and event categories

The following columns are available in this section:

User email - email of the user who performed an action

User role - the role of the user who performed an action

Event Category - event category

Action - the event that we are logging

IP address - IP from which the action was performed

Created at - event time

Entity ID - entity identifier (for example, subscription or product ID for which the event was pledged)

The events that we log and display are divided into categories. Available Event Categories:

  • Subscriptions
  • Products
  • Disputes
  • Orders
  • Risk
  • User management
  • Webhooks

Available Actions for Event Categories


  • Cancel Subscription
  • Cancel Subscription Now
  • Change Subscription Product
  • Restore Subscription


  • Create Product
  • Add Currency to Product
  • Add Location to Product
  • Add Product Trial
  • Edit Price
  • Edit Default Price
  • Edit Trial
  • Delete Trial
  • Edit Product Details


  • Message Sent


  • Order Settle
  • Order Void
  • Order Refund


  • Create List Rule
  • Delete List Rule
  • Create List Rule from Order

User Management

  • Invite user
  • Block user
  • Delete user
  • Unblock user
  • Reset user password
  • Resend invite


  • Create webhook endpoint
  • Edit webhook endpoint
  • Delete webhook endpoint