Instruction on how to share the PayPal account so it could be processed via SolidGate

This page is no longer supported. Please refer to the current guide for up-to-date information.


New REST API app creation

Kindly login to your PayPal account on the website: There you would be able to open the tab “My Apps & Credentials”, where you could find the Live “REST API apps” section.

Please click on “Create App”:

Kindly name it “Solidgate”:

Live API Credentials

After the new app is created, please provide us with the appeared credentials:

We would need Client ID and Secret API credentials.

Setting up the new REST API app 

Live App settings

Also, you would need to set up Live App settings accordingly:

Please turn on the option for the Transaction Search.

Webhook configurations

The last step is to configure the live webhooks: 

  • Customer dispute created, 

  • Customer dispute resolved, 

  • Customer dispute updated.

  • Customer dispute created, 
  • Customer dispute resolved, 
  • Customer dispute updated, 
  • Risk dispute created.
  • Payment capture completed,
  • Payment capture denied,
  • Payment capture refunded, 
  • Payment capture reversed,
  • Payment sale completed,
  • Payment sale denied, 
  • Payment sale refunded, 
  • Payment sale reversed.

The configurations for the Live webhooks in the admin panel would look like the following:

If you would like to process your PayPal account via SolidGate kindly contact your Account manager.