In order to use Google Pay within the Payment Form or via Host-to-Host integration, you need to verify your domain in Google Pay & Wallet Console.

Verification process includes the following steps:

  1. Go to the Google Developers console, Google Pay API section and begin your integration

    2. Once you start the integration process, you will be able to integrate your websites or Android apps. Please, select the needed option (Website integration will be used as an example)


    3. Fill out the Form:

- Website - the domain that you want to verify

- Integration type - Through the gateway (we are one of PSPs supported by Google)

- Screenshots of your buyflow which include the following:

  • Item selection - when a user is browsing an item or service.
  • Pre-purchase screen - when a user is ultimately ready to make a purchase.
  • Payment method screen - when a user selects Google Pay as their payment method.
  • Google Pay API payment screen - when a user is shown the payment info they've saved to Google Pay. Tip: Android won't allow you to take a screenshot of this screen, so take a picture of the screen using another device.
  • Post-purchase screen - when a user has made a successful purchase.

In order to prepare these screenshots, you can use our Payment Page, which has the Google Pay button. Alternatively, you can contact us at or directly from the, and we will generate you the links for that purpose.

- Once all information has been provided, please click on "Submit for approval".

   4. Google will review the information you have sent and verify your domain, or contact you for the clarification if needed.

   5. After the successful verification, your integration will be displayed as "Active"