There are two common situations that can lead to a discrepancy in subscription charges: when the product has been changed and when there is a difference between the default price and the price in product currencies. Let's explore each situation further:

Situation: when the product was changed

In this scenario, the user may be charged a different price than expected due to a modification in the product.

You have a product: One-month intro ($14.99) + One-month ($14.99), which means that the user should be charged $14.99 for the trial and subsequent months. However, upon reviewing the user's order, it is observed that they were charged $19.99 instead. The potential reason for this discrepancy could be a modification in the product.

We can check it:

- Access the subscription details and click on "Logs."
Here, you will find the event "subscription.changeProduct" which indicates that the product was changed. By comparing the purchase dates and the dates of product changes, you will discover that the user made the purchase when there was a different product available, along with a corresponding price. That the reason why he was charged different price.

Kindly  note that the logs displayed in Solid hub are available for one month. If you require the restoration of logs or further assistance, kindly reach out to Solid support.

Situation: difference between default price and price in product currencies

Another possible situation arises when the default price of a product differs from the price set for specific product currencies. This means that users in different countries may be charged varying amounts for the same product due to currency conversion rates or regional pricing strategies.