This page is no longer supported. Please refer to the current guide for up-to-date information.


Management of webhook notifications 

Hard deadline: 31 March 2024

At the moment, you send us callback_url in the request to what we sent notifications for each order. Now you have the option not to pass the URL in the request but add it via Customization occurs through the details of the channel (API credentials). 

If needed, we can help you to set it in the hub right now, and we can check together that everything works correctly. 

More information about Webhook notifications

Status_url deprecation 

Hard deadline: 31 March 2024

If you are currently using the status_url, you need to replace it with a success_url and fail_url.
The recurring transaction example:

 "recurring_token": "def99626e34e32212b2……29408ea154d014886a6",
 "order_id": "3445",
 "amount": 5900,
 "currency": "EUR",
 "ip_address": "",
 "order_description": "155 credits package",
 "customer_email": "",
 "geo_country": "US",
 "fail_url": "http://merchant.example/fail",
}{ "recurring_token": "def99626e34e32212b2……29408ea154d014886a6", "order_id": "3445", "amount": 5900, "currency": "EUR", "ip_address": "", "order_description": "155 credits package", "customer_email": "", "geo_country": "US", "success_url":"http://merchant.example/success", "fail_url": "http://merchant.example/fail",}

Mandatory 2-step payment flow 

Hard deadline: 31 March 2024

  1. If you use Solidgate’s auto-settlefeature:
    • settle transactions by submitting authorization requests with the settle_interval parameter
    • monitor order statuses and void orders with declined transactions;
  2. If you don’t use the auto-settlefeature:
    • submit authorization requests exclusively for valid transactions through the settle operation
    • always cancel mistaken authorization requests promptly using the void operation
    • process order statuses and void orders with declined and partial_settled statuses;
  3. Always secure authorization before submitting clearing transactions to maintain compliance;
  4. Void authorizations that won't be cleared within the defined time frame to prevent potential issues;
  5. Process reversals for cardholder-canceled transactions and erroneous authorizations promptly.

In the case of using our Subscription Service, please note that you need to use actions: auth-settle/auth-void for trial set-up. In case of a main billing period or product without trial, kindly use auth-settle action instead of charge.

Kindly note that the maximum setlle interval is 6 days (144 hours).

The asynchronous mode with Refund, VOID and Settle transactions

Hard deadline: 31 March 2024

Asynchronous mode of operation involves flow:

  • The merchant initiates a Refund, VOID or Settle request
  • Solid takes the request for processing and responds with an intermediate processing/created status
  • After processing the request, a notification arrives at the webhook url with the final status of the order refunded / void_ok / settle_ok

Refund Request Sample:

{  "order_id": "777",  "amount": 2575}

Refund Response Sample:

{  "order": {    "order_id": "777",    "amount": 2575,    "currency": "USD",    "status": "processing"  },  "transaction": {    "id": "149310695572758ff0116380f7",    "operation": "refund",    "status": "processing",    "descriptor": "DESCRIPTOR",    "amount": 2575,    "currency": "USD",    "refund_reason": "System Error - PSP",    "refund_reason_code": "0012",    "created_at": "2022-05-17 09:06:21",    "updated_at": "2022-05-17 09:06:32",  },  "transactions": {    "149310695572758ff0116380f7": {      "id": "149310695572758ff0116380f7",      "operation": "refund",      "status": "processing",      "descriptor": "DESCRIPTOR",      "amount": 2575,      "currency": "USD",      "refund_reason": "System Error - PSP",      "refund_reason_code": "0012",      "created_at": "2019-05-17 09:06:21",      "updated_at": "2019-05-17 09:06:32",    },    "149310695572758ff010f5d352": {      "id": "149310695572758ff010f5d352",      "operation": "pay",      "status": "success",      "descriptor": "DESCRIPTOR",      "amount": 2575,      "currency": "USD",      "created_at": "2022-05-17 09:06:21",      "updated_at": "2022-05-17 09:06:32",      "card": {        "bin": "444455",        "brand": "VISA",        "country": "USA",        "number": "444455XXXXXX6666",        "card_holder": "cardholder name",        "card_exp_month": "03",        "card_exp_year": 2025,        "card_type": "DEBIT"        "card_token": {          "token": "140dc2f1bd02c...f806d4db669ef"        }      }    }  }}

Card Order Status Webhook Sample:

{  "transaction": {    "amount": 2575,    "created_at": "2019-10-29 10:01:20",