General information

  • You can use Solid Payment Form functionality to build custom payment forms on the web. 
  • Solid Payment Form is our foundational JavaScript library for building payment flows.
  • With Solid Payment Form, you can also tokenize sensitive information and handle 3-D Secure authentication. In addition, all sensitive data is dealt with by Solid Payment Form, so it features PCI-DSS compliance.

Access to SolidGate API

Authorization is required for transmitting requests to SolidGate. It can be granted by signing requests to our API. The control signature of the payment notification details allows to verify the source and the integrity of the payment notification details transmitted between merchant and gateway.

    You should apply the merchant ID and its secret key to generate the signature. You can easily find your credentials the in Merchant Panel.  Please find detailed instructions here.

Getting started

1. Setup Solid Payment Form

SDK Kits

    To make the integration process frictionless, we summoned together a set of SDK Kits:

    To start, your development team need to include the Solid Payment Form (Solid SDK) on your checkout page by adding the script tag at the end of the <body> tag of the page of your HTML file.

Dev instructions here.

2. Signature Generation

To initialize the Solid Payment Form, your development team need to generate the Signature parameter on your backend. 

The signature allows verifying whether the request from the merchant is genuine on the payment gateway server. It's generated not from JSON, but from the paymentIntent encrypted String.

Dev instructions here.

The process of generating the signature for the Solid Payment Form initialization is presented in the following article

Please, use our SDK for Signature generation.

3. Paymentintent parameters

Parameters for the paymentIntent object are described in the table.

4. Form Request

    After completing the steps above, your development team should create a new <script> tag on your page (after Solid.js Script). This script creates a form request object.

Dev instructions here.

5. Solid Payment Form Styles & Templates

    5.1 Styles

    You can customize the Solid Payment Form to fit perfectly within your checkout page. Solid SDK eliminates the need for hosted payment pages and instead gives you the building blocks to create your own checkout form. Validation of form fields is also possible on the "Solid" side by using practical recommendations of VISA and MASTERCARD. You need to create CSS styles for the form, and this SDK will help you out with that.

Dev instructions here.

    5.2 Templates

    If you don't want to customize your payment form styles, you could always use one of the templates of the Solid Payment Form. 

Dev instructions here

    5.3 Pay button customization

You can display the Amount and Currency of the order on the Payment Form.

To do that, just add the following values for the "submit_button" parameter:

submit_button: {
".amount": { "display": "inline-block" }
".currency": { "display": "inline-block" }
}submit_button: { ".amount": { "display": "inline-block" } ".currency": { "display": "inline-block" }}submit_button: { ".amount": { "display": "inline-block" } ".currency": { "display": "inline-block" }}submit_button: { ".amount": { "display": "inline-block" } ".currency": { "display": "inline-block" }}submit_button: { ".amount": { "display": "inline-block" } ".currency": { "display": "inline-block" }}

6. Solid Payment Form Initialization

    After completing all the steps described above and modifying all required parameters, you need to add the variable on your page to initiate Solid SDK and render the payment form. 

This variable should contain the data from the Form Request Data Object.

Dev instructions here. 

Good to know

Order status

    Receiving order status:

  • By notification - after the change of status of the order, we will notify the merchant that the order has changed its status. You can always track changes in the status of the order. To receive a notification, you need to specify the webhook  to where the notification will be sent. 
  • By status request, you can receive the current order status when it's convenient for you. 
  • By listening to an event, you can communicate with your Solid Payment Form. 

Chargeback notification

You can receive webhook notifications by choosing the correct filled parameter.