This page is no longer supported. Please refer to the current guide for up-to-date information.


Making a transaction

Making a transaction via payment form: paymentIntent.

Receiving order status

  • By notification - after the change of status of the order, we will notify the merchant that the order has changed its status. You can always track changes in the status of the order. To receive a notification, you need to specify webhooks to where the notification will be sent. 
  • By status request, you can receive the current order status when it's convenient for you. 
  • By listening to an event, you can communicate with your Solid Payment Form. 

Displaying transaction status

    While working with the Solid form, you can immediately redirect the customer to the page of successful or unsuccessful operation. For this, you need to send success_url and fail_url.

    Unsuccessful payment status

    For unsuccessful payment, you need to inform a customer about the transaction status and display the reason for the decline. After displaying the reason for a failed payment, you need to allow a customer to perform. 

    Successful payment status

    In case of a successful transaction, you also need to inform the customer about this and show him a message (wording is just an example) - Payment successful! Thank you for your Payment. You have paid $XXX. This Payment will be specified on your bank statement as: "Descriptor", we will send the Descriptor itself to you in the notification and by request for the order's status.