1. Make sure that you are using our backend SDKs which have ready-to-go functions for the paymentIntent and signature generation:

    1. PHP SDK;

    2. Golang SDK;

    3. Kotlin SDK;

    4. Python SDK;

    5. Node.JS;

  2. Kindly check if the API keys are correct. You can find your API keys by going to HUB -> Developers -> Channels 

    1. merchantID = api_pk;

    2. privateKey = api_sk;

  3. Kindly check if the encryption value is correct. It should be - base64-URL-encoded value of hash function SHA-512 as per documentation here;

If none of the above works, please contact the Solidgate Support team and provide a detailed description of the steps you took and the error you encountered. We will be more than happy to help.