In case the payment form is not loading, kindly try the options below, which can help with the occurred issue:
1. Check mandatory parameters:

Currency (Yes, for the non-subscription flow)
Amount (Yes, for the non-subscription workflow)
Product_id (Yes, for the subscription workflow)
Customer_account_id (Yes, for the subscription workflow)
Geo_country (Yes, for Apple, Google Pay)
  1. Check your form styles if you have a parameter opacity with value = 0;

  2. Check your form styles if you have any white block which overlaps with the form;

  3. Check if the IP address is not private;

  4. If you are using a VPN, check that your IP address corresponds with a chosen region.

In case you are receiving a Status Page, make sure that you are passing a new "order_id" each time.

If none of the above works, please contact the Solidgate Integration team and provide a detailed description of the steps you took and the error you encountered. We will be more than happy to help!