General requirements for documents preparation:

  • The total quantity of pages within one case is no more than 19 pages.
  • The format of all pages within one case should be either “portrait” format only or “landscape” format only.
  • All pages should be A4 size, other sizes are not acceptable.
  • Acceptable file format — DOCX.
  • Acceptable file size - 4MB.
  • For most chargeback/pre-arbitration/retrieval request decision provision – 7 days! After shown timeframe, the chargebacks and pre-arbitrations will be accepted (lost).
  • You could use the example of the document attached to create your evidence.
  • Kindly pay attention to the reason code of the Chargeback, and provide compelling evidence depending on this.
  • Add screenshots to the document,  the links will not be considered proof.
  • Screenshots must be added along with a detailed and clear description.

The requirements for most common chargebacks based on the Reason Code are provided in the table below:

Reason codeRequirements
Fraud - card-absent environment
  • Visa: 10.4
  • MasterCard: 4837
  • AMEX: F29
  • Discover: UA02
Description, date, and time of the products or services successfully downloaded. The evidence must also contain at least two of the following pieces of information:
  • Customer's IP address and their device's geographical location at the time of purchase
  • Device ID and name of the device
  • Customer name and email address linked to their customer profile
  • Evidence that the customer logged into their account for your business before the transaction date
  • Evidence that your website or app was accessed by the cardholder for purchase or services on or after the transaction date
  • Evidence that the same device and card used in the disputed payment was used in a previous payment that was not disputed
  • Description of the digital goods and the date and time they were purchased and downloaded.
  • Record of previous non-disputed payments.
Merchandise/Service not provided
  • Visa: 13.1
  • MasterCard: 4855
  • AMEX: F29
  • Discover: UA02

Duplicate processing/Paid by other means

  • Visa: 12.6
  • MasterCard: 4834
  • AMEX: P08
  • Discover: DP
  1. The charge ID for the previous payment appears as a duplicate of the disputed one.
  2. An explanation of the difference between the disputed payment and the prior one that appears to be a duplicate.
  3. Documentation for the prior payment that can uniquely identify it, such as a separate receipt. This document should be paired with a similar document from the disputed payment that proves the two are separate.
  4. Copy of invoice of two separate orders.

Canceled recurring transaction

Visa: 13.2
MasterCard: 4841
Discover: AP
  • Any server or activity logs showing proof that the cardholder accessed or downloaded the purchased digital product. This information should include IP addresses, corresponding timestamps, and any detailed recorded activity.
  • Your subscription cancellation policy, as shown to the customer.
  • An explanation of how and when the customer was shown your cancellation policy prior to purchase.
  • A notification is sent to the customer of renewal or continuation of the subscription.
  • Proof that notice of upcoming billing was sent to cardholder 10 days before transaction.
  • Proof that the services were used between the billing date and the cancellation date.
  • The Cardholder requested a cancellation for a different date and services were provided until this date.

Also, there's a mockup attached below for you not to start completely from scratch.

And finally, the One advice to follow in any case:
Please, provide as much information as possible about the user below the text (screenshots of the agreements, customer's documents, proofs of using the product, delivery confirmation, invoices, etc.)