How to find the Alerts section

Kindly ask you to note, that in order to be able to access the Alert section your role in Hub must be an ‘Alert manager’ or 'Merchant-admin'.

You have the option to follow up on the Alerts in the Solidgate Hub:

  1. Open the sidebar 'Alert' by pressing the arrow in the lower-left corner. 
  2. On the sidebar, click on the Alerts tab.
  3. In the drop-down menu, choose the Alerts list.

Here you can check all alerts associated with the account.

How to manage the Alerts page

You can manage parameters that are displayed on the page by clicking ‘Columns’. Here you can select columns required for your need.

You can search for an alert by any available search filter. Click on ‘Show filters’ to check all search options.

To open an alert, just click on the green arrow.

On this page, you can see all details connected to the alert, such as Alert ID, Type, Action, Card Number and ARN, descriptor and etc.

By checking the ARN number here, you can identify the cardbrand. If the second digit is ‘4’ - VISA, in case the second digit is ‘5’ - MasterCard

Alerts Export

To export the Alerts, click on the ‘Export’ button in the upper left corner. Fill in a file name and choose a file extension. After this, press the ‘Submit’ button.

A notification will appear, click on the ‘Hub Exports’, and here you can download the created file.

You can also open this page by choosing the ‘Reconciliation’ section -> ‘Export’ tab. To download the file, click on the download button.