This page is no longer supported. Please refer to the current guide for up-to-date information.

If you are trying to track down who performed a particular action on the order in the HUB, there are two different methods you can use:


1)    Via Settings → Event Log

From there, you can search for the Entity ID, which is found in the link to the order in the HUB. Once you locate the Entity ID, you can search for it in the Event Log to see who performed the action on order.

2)    Via Developers → Logs


This is useful if you suspect that an API request was made via an API call. By reviewing the logs, you can confirm or deny whether someone made an API request regarding the order (for example: settle, void, refund etc).

By using these methods, you can quickly and easily detect if someone performed a specific action on the order in HUB. This information can be useful in identifying potential errors or issues, as well as monitoring the activity of your team members, especially if multiple users have access to the account.

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